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     We had just moved to an old Victorian house that had been recently renovated but needed a bit of cleaning. The job wasn't easy at all, but CleanersHackney didn't hesitate in tackling this task. We hired three cleaners to take care of our three-storey house, including the windows and the carpets. They did a wonderful job with sanitising our entire home. Everything was sparkling clean and fresh. Thank you so much.
     It's really important for me to keep my office clean, but I really struggled to find the right cleaning company. I tried Cleaning Services Hackney without expecting too much, and was really blown away by their thorough and excellent cleaning teams. They handled all of the cleaning quickly and without any problems, and everything was completed to a very high standard. I couldn't recommend this company enough if you want reliable and hardworking office cleaners!
     Cleaners-Hackney's domestic cleaning services are exemplary. Each time they make my house clean and immaculate. I am often away for work, and I have hired them to clean my house once a week even when I am away. Not only do they do an excellent job, but they are also highly reliable. I do not have to worry about my tables collecting dust while I am away anymore.
Amanda Richards08/05/2015
     I was searching for a way in which to clean my oven, but all of the methods I could find demanded time and expertise which I didn't have. I decided to look up professional options and that led me to Cleaners-Hackney. There were a number of companies offering similar services, but after talking with some of their staff over the phone, it felt entirely right to go with them. Good decision. These days, my oven seems like an entirely new appliance. Great work.
D. Sanders07/01/2015
     My uncle asked me if I could arrange a cleaner for him as he was struggling to do the cleaning himself. I telephoned Cleaners-Hackney and was most impressed with the professionalism of the sales team, they were very helpful and came across very capable. I arranged the cleaning to start the following week and my uncle is delighted with the cleaning services. He says that the cleaner is polite and works very hard. My uncle finds it difficult change his bed linen and his cleaner also changes his bed for him. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this cleaning company.
     I'd definitely recommend Cleaners-Hackney! I was dubious about paying out for a cleaning service, but as someone who has a really hectic work schedule - it really was a good idea. After spending a lot of time thinking about it, (mainly because I'm not used to having a cleaner in my home, and I have to pop in and out a lot too), I called them up and they were really prompt. They were able to provide their service around my schedule and the place looks a lot better! They're also very easy to work with when it comes to needing a few extra bits done some days, thumbs up!
John G.23/10/2014
     I, alongside my wife, have searched and hunted high and low for someone to clean our rugs thoroughly and properly. Rug cleaning is a serious business for us as rugs represent the floor-based façade that the public sees of our home when they look down. Happily Cleaners-Hackney see things the same way as us and treated our rug cleaning with the due diligence, care and efficiency that we would pray for and indeed expect. We will now get our rugs cleaned by them very regularly as we know who we can trust.
A. Hoffman09/10/2014
     The family has used the attic to store things for generations, so you can just about imagine the state of it! There are boxes and cartons there that probably haven't been opened up in decades. When I decided to clean out the attic this year I had little idea what I was getting into. From dust mites to mold, every conceivable cleaning nightmare had come alive in my attic. A relative vouched for the efficacy of Cleaners-Hackney and their cleaning services so I figured, what do I have to lose? Instead, I gained a lot of time and peace of mind and it's like new life has been breathed into the attic!
     Not only does Cleaners-Hackney send the most talented group of cleaners to our office, they also instruct the cleaners with the little bits that most other cleaning companies we have used forget, things like cleaning the car park, or paying extra attention to our bathrooms and the warehouse, as well as the communal areas. Not only that but they offer an excellent graffiti removal service as well, which is excellent for us. The cleaners are honest and polite, and a joy to employ. Can't recommend them enough!
Daniel Collins04/09/2014
     I run a mobile catering unit which is based on a busy industrial estate. Although I'm always striving to keep everywhere spotless, it can be very hard to keep the grease build up down. After being told about Cleaners-Hackney professional catering cleaners I thought I would put them to the test. The price they gave me was very low in my opinion and I was concerned that they could not do a good job for such a small price. On the day my prayers were answered as they arrived with steam cleaners and other equipment for the job. My catering unit sparkles now and it's all down to the super efforts by these dedicated professionals.
Hazel Simpson12/06/2014
     I am a company sales rep and I travel all over the country clocking up over 2000 miles per weeks sometimes. Due to my busy schedule I have very little time to give my car a good clean. One day I was driving through town when I saw an advert for a car valet. I called in to get some details. They were very polite and told me I could bring the car to them or they could call out to my home to do the work. Cleaners-Hackney are the most honest, professional and polite company I have had the pleasure of working with in many years.
Steven G.26/05/2014
     I have been extremely impressed with the high quality of service that I have had from Cleaners-Hackney over the last few months. In fact, I was so impressed, that I bothered to write my first ever review of a service online. You are reading it now! The team came round very promptly, and got to work with little fuss. The cleaning was done excellently, and I had not a single complaint afterwards, not least with the price, which was extremely agreeable. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a good cleaner!
V. Walker29/04/2014
     Me and my housemate have both got new jobs and we haven't had much time for cleaning, so we ‘splashed out' and treat ourselves to a cleaner from Cleaners-Hackney. Our cleaner comes every third Thursday morning and does all of the vacuuming and mopping, wipes down the sides in my kitchen, cleans the bathroom really thoroughly and often tidies my room up and makes the beds so they a perfect when I come home. I have to say that is a great service and really adaptable to different budgets and time constraints. The cleaners are very trustworthy and are all really lovely people.
Daniel B.08/04/2014
     I was looking for a cleaning company who were prepared to do a little more than just putting the hoover around every now and again. I've got what I'd like to think are high standards when it comes to my flat, so I wanted to find a cleaning company who could match up to that, but without having to pay a fortune. That's what I found in Cleaners-Hackney, so I wanted to say a big thanks. They've done a lot to ensure that my home is kept clean and their prices are always excellent. Couldn't ask for more.
William Gonzalez19/03/2014
     I've used a number of cleaners in the past, and have always felt like I've given them an easy time, allowing them to turn up late, or excusing them days when they don't turn up at all, so it's really nice to find a company who seem to want to get things done properly! Cleaners-Hackney are consummate professionals, through and through, and I could not recommend them more highly! If you are wondering where to look for your cleaning needs, these guys are well worth your time!
J. Moran05/03/2014
     I was planning on moving out of my apartment and was in need of a professional and quick cleaning service to provide a thorough clean to my apartment. I needed my deposit returned in full and felt that the apartment needed a professional clean. The staff at Cleaners-Hackney were able to provide quick apartment cleaning to guarantee the return of my deposit. They knew what areas to pay particular attention to and brought their own cleaning supplies. I couldn't recommend them more if you are looking for a reliable end of tenancy cleaning service. Thanks for the hard work!
Martina Fox18/02/2014
     There is a lot to like about Cleaners-Hackney. Their staff are friendly and helpful, both on the phone and face-to-face, and their prices are really competitive. That's even before you get on to the quality of the work they carry out. You can tell I'm a fan. It all started a few years ago when I booked them to do a one-off clean the day after a party. They did such a super job of it that I started getting them in on a weekly basis, and now I rely on them to clean my upholstery, my carpets; the lot. They never disappoint it must be said; everything they do they do well in my experience.
Zoe Francombe30/01/2014