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Stay Fit While Cleaning
23Jan 2015
Stay Fit While CleaningHome cleaning not only keeps the rooms of the house looking pleasant and comfortable, but it can also be a great form of fitness. In today’s busy lifestyle, house cleaning and staying fit are two of the most common complaints. These tasks can be difficult because there are other things that get prioritised above them, for example family and work. If you are struggling to dedicate time to domestic cleaning and working out each week, you can be smart about it and combine the two. -    The key to getting a work out while cleaning is high intensity movements, so don’t just stroll around the house with a feather duster and expect to burn calories. Rather, play some upbeat music that encourages your body to move faster.-    When doing chores, tighten your abs by breathing in and maintaining a strong posture. This will strengthen your core and prevent you from slouching.-    Reach high to clean cobwebs from ceiling corners. You should feel the stretch along your side and through your legs.-    Make sure you lift correctly when carrying heavy baskets, such as laundry. Keep the basket away from your body so that you are toning your arms to carry the load and this will have the same effect as weight lifting.-    Go for big up and down movements so that your whole body gets conditioned. For example, when cleaning the shower make big circular motions with your arms.-    A stepladder is basically like doing a step class at the gym, so make the most of this in your house cleaning.-    Get on your hands and knees to scrub the floors. If you need, place a cushion underneath your knees for comfort. But this position will help strengthen your core, your thighs and your arms will be getting a good workout as well from the scrubbing motion. -    While vacuuming, do lunges with every step you take. If standing still to vacuum a small area, do squats. Your legs will thank you for it when they’re looking tightly shaped!-    Putting the dishes away is the perfect chance for your obliques to get some attention. Face forwards and do a twisting motion when unstacking the dishwasher. -    Gardening is a great way for all body work out. Do lunges while weeding and consider shifting fertilizer bags as a form of weight lifting. -    Pruning the garden is a great way to develop forearm strength so make the most of it. While daily cleaning isn’t the same as an intense hour long gym workout, it does have results. You shouldn’t rely on cleaning as your only form of exercise. Adults should exercise 30 minutes a day in conjunction with a balanced diet to stay healthy. However, cleaning exercise does have the following results for you to take into account:-    General cleaning burns 125 calories.-    Cooking burns 92 calories.-    Hedging, pruning and trimming shrubs will burn 156 calories.-    Laundry burns 133 calories.-    Vacuuming burns 124 calories. Thinking of cleaning and staying fit as to simultaneous actions will not only improve your productivity rating in both areas, but will also help you keep a positive mindset. You will not only see results in your clean home, but also in your personal fitness levels and appearance. Allow yourself to be proud of the progress you make while cleaning and working out at the same time!

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