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How The Key To A Clean Bathroom Could Lie In The Shower
28Mar 2014
How The Key To A Clean Bathroom Could Lie In The Shower

When it comes to keeping your bathroom clean, one of the biggest areas of focus is always the shower. Likely the largest item in the bathroom and the focus of much attention, taking the care to keep it clean is an ongoing process which affects most cleaners. While it might seem strange to have to so regularly clean an appliance which is designed to clean you, the build-up of grime and dirt is always something which should be addressed in order to make sure that your bathroom is always as clean as possible. Rather than any other aspects of the bathroom (toilet, sink), this article will essentially focus on the deep cleaning regime which can make sure that your shower is always ready and waiting for action.

One of the most noticeable things to clean when it comes to the shower is the fixings. While many of the detailing around most bathrooms is white, taps and faucets are much more likely to be finished in a shiny, chrome effect type manner. This means that they can pick up finger prints and water streaks very simply, especially when you consider where they are to be found. When it comes to getting them as clean as possible, using a cloth soaked in warm water and an antibacterial bathroom spray, as well as a bit of elbow grease, can quickly have them shining. As a hot spot for grime and general build-up of bacteria, it is important to make sure that you have covered all of the nooks and crannies of the fixings and that you don’t allow anything to build up over time, as this can eventually lead to breakages and the shower as a unit potentially not working.

Showers will typically be dividing between those which have glass panels or walls and those which have a shower curtain. In either instance, keeping these areas clean can have a big effect as it dominates much of the visible space and does a lot to influence our view of the cleanliness of the shower as a unit. For those who have a shower curtain, cleaning is simple. The curtain can be washed and dried using a regular washing machine and standard laundry detergent. There is no need for upholstery cleaning or anything like that, simply allow the curtain to dry and then return it to its housing. For those with the glass panels, you can either use the regular shower cleaning products and a wet cloth or you can use specifically designed sprays for cleaning windows. Whilst the window spray might be able to get a better effect on the glass, the bathroom spray is more likely to eliminate and control any bacteria which might build up along the surfaces. You can even use both, though this will likely add a longer time to the entire cleaning services and could slow you down considerably.

Many showers are also fitted as part of a bath. This means that they are positioned above a large, usually white tub. This can attract a lot of dirt and grime so it is important for it to be cleaned. For smaller, self contained showers, the basin is equally in need of cleaning, though the respective area will be smaller. To get these parts clean, all that is really required is to use a cloth and the same old bathroom cleaner. Whilst it may take longer, taking the time to make sure that the basin or the bath unit is clean can have a large visual impact on the cleanliness of your bathroom as well as making sure that it is germ and bacteria free.