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Get Rid Of Any Lingering Smells And Get You House Clean
21Nov 2014
Get Rid Of Any Lingering Smells And Get You House Clean Spending a little bit of time on your domestic cleaning jobs really can work wonders for your house. In addition to reducing clutter and giving you more space to enjoy the room you pay for, a deep house clean can improve the appearance of your home and help to eradicate any unpleasant odours that may have become a permanent fixture in your sofa or carpets. So breathe a new lease of life into your home and follow our hints and tips for a brighter home today!           •    Spend a little bit of time each week handling a different room in your house. Start with those that are in desperate need of a clean first and then progress onto the others. There’s no need to spend hours at a time on all fours scrubbing and wiping; spend a maximum time of half an hour once or twice a week to ensure you don’t get fed up and throw in the towel after your first clean up session, however during this period be prepared to work hard and give it your all because after all a little bit of hard work goes a long way and will ensure that you see the best results possible.•     Open your windows; keep your windows open for a couple of hours each day and especially whilst your are cleaning which will help to get rid of any dust and disturbed dirt particles in the air. This will also help to freshen up your rooms, allowing fresh air to blow through your house and getting rid of any smells.•    Unless you want your house to smell of industrial type cleaners such as polish cleaner or sprays and cleaning creams, invest in some plug in or stand alone fresheners. These are relatively cheap to buy and can often be bought in bulk; they’re small and discreet and can be placed in the corners of rooms, releasing beautifully scented smells periodically throughout the day.•    Eliminate any existing odours. Every house can smell a bit bad from time to time, whether it be due to your pets, kitchen mess or an undetected source, it’s essential to get it sorted sooner rather than later. If keeping your windows open doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to do some detective work and find the source. If you’re not sure, give the entire area a deep clean, including and carpets, rugs and upholstery that may be in the room. Steam cleaning is perfect for carpets and floors, and upholstery can be taken care of by vacuuming.  •    Plants and flowers strategically placed around your house will make your house smell fresh, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Herb pots or pockets of cinnamon or lavender on tables will also do the trick. •    Treat any stains and spillages with carpet cleaners or a neutralizer. Small and hard to notice stains could still be contributing to the smell of your house so don’t turn a blind eye to these and instead get them treated. In some cases, rubbing the area with some warm soapy water or vinegar will work to get rid of the stain, however if you’re worried about damaging your carpet, its best to invest in a stain remover spray or cream that will work on your specific fabric type and then finish by steam cleaning.•    Despite your best efforts to get you cleaning, if you’re still at a loss of what to do, call a cleaning company and let professional cleaners handle of your cleaning jobs.

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