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Bedroom Management - Keep It Clean
17Apr 2014
Bedroom Management - Keep It CleanThe bedroom is a very intimate and personal space, and it can say a lot about you. Whether you share it with a long term partner, or not, it is pretty essential that you ensure that it is in good order at all times, as the state of the place in which you live can have serious bearing on how well you function as a person. Studies have shown that clean and tidy environments have a much more positive feel to them, allowing the inhabitant to concentrate a lot better as well as being much more peaceful and restful. If this sounds good to you, you will be pleased to hear that there a great many ways to ensure that you can get your room feeling calm and clean very easily. It simply takes learning a few steps, and going over them whenever you feel like the place could do with rejuvenating. Whilst not all steps apply to everyone, the majority of them will at least make sense to you, and will hopefully inspire extra parts to your cleaning process. As you learn the steps, they will become quicker, easier, and you may even do parts of the process without thinking of it as you are in your room on a day to day basis.1.    Tidy and sort.  - Remove all that does not live in the room from the bedroom. All plates, mugs, magazines, books and the like should return to their places in the house, or at least be tidied into a place that they can be found if they are being used, like books might be. Once you have rid the room of all foreign bodies, you can concentrate on cleaning that room, rather than thinking about getting things sorted in others! Put clothes away, straighten pictures and generally get things in order.2.    Make the bed.  - If you think about it, the bed serves as quite a large surface in the bedroom. It is after all the namesake of the room, and should be given due attention. A freshly made bed will give the room an immediate lift, along with the tidying stage, because beyond that it is all about actual cleaning, which will not make a hugely obvious difference in terms of what you can see, or at least it won’t if the dirt isn’t too thick! A made bed also gives you a good place to do things like fold clothes that may have escaped your attention in the first place, as well as a great place to have a sit down if you’re feeling a little over worked!3.    Dust.  - Dusting the room  will knock all the dust from up high on to the lower parts of the room, so be sure to work from the top downwards. You will no doubt find that this means that the floor gets a decent sprinkling, but that’s fine, as you’ll be vacuuming afterwards! 4.    Vacuum the floor, and if you have wooden floors in your bedroom, you can mop them afterwards. Be sure to wring the mop thoroughly when mopping wooden floors, as you want to avoid standing water, as this can get into the grain and warp the floor boards. Use non scratching mop heads as well, as lifting the varnish off of floor boards can cause all sorts of issues in the long run! 5. Upkeep. - You should keep these steps in mind at all times, and if you see that the room is getting untidy, you can change it very easily, alongside all of the other parts of the process!

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