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Save Yourself Time And Do Kitchen Cleaning The Right Way
20May 2015
Save Yourself Time And Do Kitchen Cleaning The Right Way

When house cleaning, the kitchen is possibly the room that needs the most attention. People spend hours cleaning their kitchens, but if you implement the right techniques and have the right equipment and materials, kitchen cleaning will be a doddle.

1.    Get equipped with the right supplies and equipment.
Before you get started, make sure that you stock up on sponges, brushes, mops and that you have some basic products such as multi surface cleaners and antibacterial sprays. It’s always worth having some supplies handy, because even if you don’t use them, they can always be used to clean other areas of your house.

2.    Get started with your oven.
Oven cleaning can be a very hard job to get right, especially if you haven’t cleaned it for several weeks. Food marks, spillages and oil stains, not to mention grease, will form a slick slimy layer over every surface which can be difficult to remove, so prepare to put some effort into getting your oven clean. Start off by making a baking soda-water paste and scrub this on to every surface of your oven. Remember to take out the oven racks before you begin, as these can be cleaned separately. When the paste has formed a thick crust, spray with some white vinegar then leave to settle for a few hours before scraping off and wiping clean.

3.    Clean your freezer.
Every so often, it’s a good idea to clean out your freezer. Many people forget about this job when home cleaning, mainly because a freezer is very cold, often packed with food and food keeps for a lot longer, so it doesn’t go off and create a stink as it would do in a fridge, for example. But it should still be cleaned all the same, perhaps not as often as you clean your fridge, but once every few weeks should be sufficient enough to keep it in good condition. First of all, you need to empty your freezer and defrost it. Wipe the inside of your freezer thoroughly using water and vinegar; take out the racks and wipe down the door of the freezer too. Next, eliminate odours by applying a water-baking soda paste to the inside of your freezer. Then wipe it dry and it should now be clean and odour free!

4.    Don’t forget about your appliances’ control knobs.
Control knobs for your oven and other appliances do get really dirty but are very rarely cleaned. When you’re cooking, every time you turn on your oven you are transferring grease, bits of food and all kinds of other things onto the control knobs, and at the end when you are clearing everything away, the oven will get cleaned but the knobs often remain untouched. You’ve got to clean the control knobs. If you can remove the knobs, this will make the job a lot easier. But if not, use a toothbrush or a small fine brush to scrub them with warm water and with some dish soap or dishwashing detergent. Try to avoid using anything stronger than a mild detergent for this job, as you don’t want to scrub away the markings or any instructions on the control knobs.

5.    Hard floor cleaning.
Using a broom, sweep away any mess on your kitchen floor. If your floor is particularly greasy or dirty, make up a soapy water solution, get out a clean mop and begin scrubbing. If you’ve neglected to clean your kitchen for a long time and the situation is particularly bad, call up a cleaning company and hire a team of professional cleaners to give you a helping hand.

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